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Perfection 🥰

Mini face lift with just 4mls of dermal filler!
The result’s here are amazing. 4mls of dermal filler artistically placed with precise injections have completely refreshed out client!
Chin and prejowl
Pushing the boundaries and using the latest techniques to use minimal amounts of filler to get such face changing results!
@leicesteraesthetics will be launching out very own training packages in the near future. Keep watching #minifacelift #leicesteraesthetics #nasolabialfolds #marionettelines #jawlinefiller #jawlinecontouring #midfacefiller #leicesterbeautytreatments

Mini face lift with just 4mls of dermal filler!
The result’s here are amazing. 4mls of dermal filler artistically placed with precise injections have completely refreshed out client!
Chin and prejowl
Pushing the boundaries and using the latest techniques to use minimal amounts of filler to get such face changing results!
@leicesteraesthetics will be launching out very own training packages in the near future. Keep watching #minifacelift #leicesteraesthetics #nasolabialfolds #marionettelines #jawlinefiller #jawlinecontouring #midfacefiller #leicesterbeautytreatments

Chin and nasal tip enhancement.
Bringing the chin out using dermal filler is a quick and simple way to harmonise the face in profile.
Our client also got a tiny bit of filler i to the very tip of the nose just to create a tip lift which really looked great. We look at a lot of angles in aesthetics and the nasal tip was a subtle but great addition with the chin. #sideprofile #chinfillerleicester #nasaltiplift

Midface again. Adding the volume to the anterior cheek and softening the nasolabial from just one injection!
Game changer

A tricky teartrough correction with midface injections to try and harmonise the malar festoons.

Its surprising how many injectors will inject directly into the tear trough (medial SOOF) area in cases like above!
It’s a big mistake that is made by lots of injectors and will just make the puffy malar bag look even worse!
What we do need is

1. Midface periosteal boluses ✅
2. Superficial Subcut cannula work ✅

Blending the upper cheek and lower eye nicely. #teartroughfillers #festoons #malarbag #knowledgeispower #refresh #tiredeyes

Midface rejuvenation seems to be a big thing in clinic at the moment. With 4 very successful treatments in quick succession (unfortunately we are not permitted to show some patients pictures) this is becoming a very popular treatment giving an instant refresh!
1. Tear troughs - using a combination of techniques, periosteal bolus with a high density fillerand infraligamentous and sub cutaneous cannula work with a low density filler achieved this super refresh!
2. Anterior cheek - zygomatic periosteal bolus and cannula work with a low density filler.
Perfectly balanced to ensure we dont give an overfilled ‘puffy look’ to the tear trough.
Instant results making our clients mid face looking totally refreshed and rejuvenated.
#dermalfillersleicester #midfacerejuvenation #malefillers #refresh #teartroughfillers #rejuvenation #leicesteraesthetics

An excellent result from Anti Wrinkle Injections for our client.
Different injection patterns are required sometimes and with such strong and stubborn lines in the majority of men, and some women, we use different doses and different injection point to get the results required
#antiwrinkletreatment #smoothskin #botoxresults #leicesterbotox #botoxboys #brotox

Ultrasound is the new big thing in the aesthetics industry. Aestheticians will be using much more of this in the future. Ultrasound allows us to see under the skin and gives the injector vital information and peace of mind. It also gives our clients peace of mind knowing we are doing everything possible to increase their safety and even get better reults.
We can actually see precisely where we are injecting and what we are doing!

It’s an elite skill which takes an awful lot of practice and patience but is an absolute game changer for injectors.

Ultrasound has many uses in aesthetics which we hope to show you in the future.
We can use it to map out the vital structures of the face including nerves and blood vessels which we must avoid to insure we do not get nasty complications such as a vascular occlusion.
We can also use ultrasound to identify different tissue planes and inject product into exactly the right area. Its quite scary when we look at filler that’s been injected previously by other practitioners and we can see it’s not in the right tissue plane.
In the video clip here you can see me injecting dissolving agent into misplaced filler that was also a huge amount in the wrong tissue plane.
Im currently writing the training programme for @derma_medical for this elite training course so keep watching.
If you would like any information or would like to have your procedures done under ultrasound guidance then please contact us @leicesteraesthetics
#fillercomplications #fillerdissolve #ultrasoundinaesthetics #ultrasoundguidedinjection #fillersafety #fillerleicester #leicesteraesthetics

Glow up!
A course of 3 treatments using a combination of procedures to provide structure to the cheeks and jawline, the glow and plumper, hydrated skin and a huge reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
Dermal fillers, Skin Boosters, Profhilo and PRP treatments all combined to give a youthful, refreshed look.
You can see in the 2nd picture the markings on the skin for the very last Profhilo treatment so our client is going to get an even beter result!
We just couldn’t wait to show you all!!
#leicesteraesthetics #skintreatments #skinboosters #leicester #prpleicester #prpfacial

Now this is what its all about!
A mid face rejuvenation on a limited budget with outstanding results! WOW
We still cant get over what has been achieved here with such a small amount of product!
Our client has suffered with Festoons (have a google search) since her early 30’s.
They have really become more prominent over time and caused her great upset.
She came to us on a budget and wanted us to try and help solve the problem.

With just 3mls of filler placed artistically in the mid face and tear trough region we achieved this!
Unbelievable results, and unbelievably happy client and a very pleased and proud injector.
A special thank you to one of my injector colleagues aswell who has made me realise some golden tips over the last year or so, given me the freedom to start really pushing the limits with injecting after doing just that himself and getting amazing results @moore.aesthetics.
The results speak for themselves.
#midfacerejuvenation #leicesteraesthetics #glowup #refresh #festoontreatment #injectablefacelift #teoxane #revolax #teartroughcorrection

Chin, mid face and tear troughs.
A really nice treatment to give back the volume lost under the eyes and the mid face. 2 mls of soft dermal filler used to give a much fresher look to the eyes and the tear trough area.
And jist to bapance the whole profile we used less than 1ml to give the right amount of projection to the chin. #leiceterfillers #chinfiller #facialprofiling #teartroughfillers #leicesterbeauty #fresheyes

Chin Filler
An extremely quick and easy treatment to harmonise the side profile. Chin filler can really make a huge difference and is very straight forward. Great results for our client. #chinfiller #facialprofiling #revolaxsubq #leicester #leicesteraesthetics

1.1ml of lip filler.
This was a journey! Dissolved 3 weeks ago to start all over again.
Paris wanted really full lips and thats what she got. We used a variety of techniques including tenting, cross hatching and the cupids bow lift. They look great.
#leicesteraesthetics #leicesterlipfillers #plumplips #dermalfillers

Cheeks, Jawline and Chin sculpting. WOW!!
Using just 5mls of dermal fillers we managed a great result. The pictures speak for themselves.
Look how the cheek filler lifts and tightens the skin, along with the jawline and chin filler.
Usually when we treat the jawline, we do one of 2 things. Treat the jowl or give definition to the jawline.
This treatments has worked so well. The skin is taught, the definition in the jawline is greater and the jowling has vanished!!
A mini face lift if you like usuing just 5mls of dermal fillers!
#dermalfillersleicester #facelifting #glowup #cheekandjawlinesculpting #leicesteraesthetics #nonsurgicalfacelift

Slowly but surely! We are seeing regrowth and thickening of the hair after PRP treatments.
Fantastic results so far and we cant wait to show you results after a couple more treatments!
#hairlosstreatment #prphairrestoration #hairregrowth #leicesterhair #malepatternbaldness #leicestertreatments

2 stage approach to a really beautiful lip enhancement.
Starting off with a very thin top lip is tricky for any injector to make a good job. By doing this in a 2 stage approach we are able to achieve better results. The main reason being that when we do the 2nd stage we have more lip on show to inject into.
A combination of techniques gave us a beautiful, natural, full, plump set of lips!
Perfection 😊

#leicesteraesthetics #leicesterlips #lipfillers #dermalfillers #lipenhancement #thinlips #teosyl #lipfiller #advancedinjector #naturallip

A tricky lip enhancement and upturning the corners of the mouth.
Thin lips are always very difficult from the beginning. Planning the injection technique and being absolutely pin point accurate with each injection is vital in all lip enhancements but even more so in a thin set of lips!
Our client just wanted a bit of a natural enhancement with a bit more ‘lip on show’ and to turn uo the corners of the mouth to give a refreshing, happier rejuvenated look to the peri oral region. She trusted Chris’ judgement and he delivered exactly what she was looking for!
Beautiful, subtle, balanced.
Our client was delighted and so are we! 💋
#leicesteraesthetics #leicesterlips #lipfillers #dermalfillers #lipenhancement #thinlips #teosyl #lipfiller

Lip Enhancement
An extremely difficult lip enhancement! Starting with thin, fairly flat lips which have lost volume, shape ans definition with age.
Using a hybrid approach with Linear threads, Russian and Tenting, we managed to produce an incredible set if lips for our client who was absolutely amazed!
#lipfillersleicester #lipfilers #juvederm #revolax #hybridlips #xmasready

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty @leicesteraesthetics
Our patient was over the moon with the results after her treatment!

Not a drastic procedure required for a perfectly straight, harmonious, balanced nose.
But its the little things! And when a patient is bothered by an issue that they see all the time, makes them self conscious about their appearance, then the smallest tweaks make a world of difference!
#nonsurgicalnosejob #nonsurgicalrhinoplasty #nosejobleicester #smallprocedurebigdifference #nosefiller #leicesterfillers

The Pre Jowl Sulcus.
A common issue for the ageing face. Development of jowls is just part of life. The 2 best ways to solve them are either surgery or Dermal Fillers.
Quite subtle but a big improvement to a problem area for many.
#jawlinefiller #prejowlsulcus #jowltreatment #leicesteraesthetics #leicestercity

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