PDO thread lift firms face, neck, & body without surgery. Cheeks, eyebrows, neck, arms, thighs benefit. Collagen stimulation provides 12-18 month lift.

The PDO thread lift procedure is used to address loose or sagging skin on the face, neck, and body, offering a non-invasive alternative to surgery. Areas that can benefit from PDO therapy include the cheeks, eyebrows, jawline, neck, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, as well as the arms, thighs, and stomach. This method encourages the skin to generate collagen, and within three months, collagen forms around the threads, resulting in a lifting effect that can endure for approximately 12 to 18 months.

PDO Thread Lift

What happens during a PDO Thread Lift?

As a PDO thread lift is a non-surgical treatment, the process starts with the application of a topical numbing agent and local anaesthetic at the treatment site. The needles used in PDO thread lift procedures are quite small, ensuring minimal discomfort.

During the procedure, PDO threads are introduced into the subcutaneous layer of the skin using cannulas or blunt-tipped needles, serving as anchors to lift the skin. The external threads are then trimmed. This immediate lifting effect results from the constriction of fat tissue. PDO threads function similarly to dermal fillers, but instead of injecting a solution into the skin, a dissolvable thread is left in place.

PDO Thread Lift VS Surgical Face Lift

PDO thread lift outcomes are subtler, typically requiring infrequent repetition. This non-surgical thread lift is swift, relatively painless, leaves no scars, involves minimal downtime, and doesn’t require a hospital stay. The associated risks are considerably lower than those of surgery, making it a viable choice for individuals with respiratory or cardiac conditions and those unable to tolerate anesthesia. It’s important to view PDO thread lift not as a surgical substitute; rather, they yield temporary and gentler results, offering an excellent option to explore a fresh appearance without surgical intervention.

PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift After Care.

The majority can swiftly resume regular activities with immediate lifting effects. Some may experience mild side effects like redness, swelling, bruising, pinprick marks, or slight puckering at the suture site, which usually goes within two weeks. Soreness in the sutures may last up to a week, and paracetamol can be helpful if needed.

We recommend sleeping on your back for five nights, avoiding makeup for the first week, refraining from facials, massages, or applying excessive pressure for two weeks, and avoiding strenuous exercise and alcohol. Regularly moisturizing and hydrating your skin also aids in the healing process, minimizing side effects and the risk of infection. However, it is crucial to attend your review appointment so that Chris Dewsbury can monitor the healing process after your PDO Thread Lift.

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a month ago

I am absolutely blown away by the whole experience from Chris at Leicester Aesthetic. I initially booked for Botox around the eyes, I also wanted to chat about possible filler around the mouth and chin.
Having listened to Chris I was in no doubt that this was the place to have the treatments done, needless to say an hour later I have walked out looking and feeling absolutely fantastic!!! I have finally found a practitioner who has delivered a flawless result, done with real understanding of what I needed, I couldn’t be any happier. Thank you so much

Annissa Laila

a month ago

I had the PRP hair treatment with Chris, I had the recommended three treatments two months a part, and I will be returning for the top up. The regrowth is real. I am pleased with the outcome, and I can see many baby hairs sprouting. I had the treatment above my temples where my hair was thinning after years of stressful pulling through hair styles, I am happy to see the hair thinken up again. Chris is affordable and professional, and the clinic is clean and comfortable. Thank you Chris it means a lot to feel confident with my hair line again.


a month ago


2 months ago

I’ve had PRP and lip filler here and couldn’t be happier. The staff are lovely, talented and knowledgeable. You’ll definitely be in safe hands and have any questions you have answered properly

Kate Barry

2 months ago

Very professional. I had loads of questions but Chris was more than happy to take the time to go through everything with no pressure. His extensive medical background gave me the confidence to go ahead with the procedure. No up selling either, I followed Chris' advice and actually ended up needing less than I thought! Definitely recommend. 5*

Dawn Dewsbury

2 months ago

Well remended had my spider veins done on my face they haven't came back I used to cake my make up to hide them but don't need to wear much now chris was brilliant with me i was fully assured by him and left very happy thanks chris

Mita Kubavat

2 months ago

I have been coming to Chris for a few years now for PRP sessions. Absolutely rate him. Chris is really knowledgeable about what he does and is happy to go into depth about products and treatments. The atmosphere is very relaxed but also professional. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about having aesthetic treatments.

Tabitha Turner

2 months ago

I came to Chris for my first ever Botox treatment. He made me feel so at ease with the procedure and was so professional throughout. He helped me select the best treatment for me and I’m absolutely over the moon with the results. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and will definitely be returning.

Annie Tibbs

2 months ago

Absolutely lovely clinic so professional lovely work would highly reccomend

Joy Termorshuizen

2 months ago

Chris is very skilled and knowledgeable. He never tries to oversell. I trust him and I am always happy with the results.

David Brown

2 months ago

Emily Sarjant

2 months ago